Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Caring for your gums is much easier and more effective when there is no armored layer of calculus (calcified plaque also known as tartar) adhering to the teeth and inflaming the gums.  Therefore, we recommend that you allow a dentist or dental hygienist to remove the calculus and give your teeth and gums a clean surface on which to start your tooth and gum care regimen.

If you have calculus and you skip the professional cleaning, the armored layer of calcified calculus will prevent toothbrush bristles, dental floss, and interdental cleaner from affecting the area underneath.  It will also block the topical absorption of any solution you apply to the gums.  In effect, the calculus will insulate a colony of bacteria from your efforts to improve your teeth and gums.  The calculus itself will continue to be an irritant to the soft gum tissue.  Any progress will be quite slow, and if the calculus is bad enough it might prevent any improvement altogether.

This is why we recommend you start with a professional teeth cleaning, since you’ll see the most progress from your gum care practices.