Good-Gums is a toothpaste replacement that supports your gums’ untapped ability to heal themselves while it cleans your teeth with natural cleansers, vitamin-C and effective herbs.

It contains none of the artificial ingredients of toothpaste that are toxic, such as SLS and fluoride, or that interfere with natural healing, such as glycerin, which not only gives toothpaste its paste consistency but also coats the teeth and prevents natural saliva remineralization. Good-Gums comes as a powder that dissolves quickly in the mouth to penetrate as a liquid into crevices and margins where trouble tends to start.

Good-Gums goes beyond teeth cleaning. Unlike toothpaste or simple tooth powders, its vitamin-C and herbal formula is designed for your gums with ingredients that are gently antimicrobial, counter the stickiness of bacteria, soothe the gums, and neutralize the acidity favored by plaque.

Good-Gums won’t suppress symptoms or force a “cure”. For example, if receding gums or gum pockets have left your teeth sensitive, it won’t coat them with a desensitizing film to make the deterioration feel tolerable. Instead it gives targeted help and support as your body draws on its resources to heal itself. Good-Gums may not be the most convenient dentifrice, but we believe that it’s the most uncompromisingly focused one.