5 Festive Foods That Benefit Your Teeth & Gums

It’s the holiday season and temptations are all around us – the delicious sweet flavor of eggnog and smell of baked mince pies fresh out of the oven are simply irresistible! But irresistible they may be, they also wreak havoc on our teeth and gums!

Fortunately though, there are some delicious festive foods that actually protect and support your oral health instead of harming your teeth and gums.

Let’s take a look at some of our faves!

Festive foods that support your oral health


The natural sugars contained in apples aren’t nearly as bad as the processed sugars in standard holiday candy. Stimulating your gums with their fibrous texture, these crunchy fruits reduce cavity-causing bacteria and increase saliva flow. So how about slicing up some apple to serve to your friends and family this Christmas; For extra flavor, remember to sprinkle some cinnamon on top. We believe that cinnamon is one of the top spices for oral health. Packed full of antioxidants and inflammation-reducing flavonoids, this delicious spice is an absolute winner at soothing sore gums and combating mouth bacteria. In fact, we love cinnamon so much that we’ve included it in our natural, herbal tooth and gum formula


Like apples, carrots can help remove plaque trapped between your teeth. There’s a reason why they’re known as “Nature’s Toothbrush”, you know! These nutritious veggies are packed with vital vitamins and minerals that strengthen mucous membranes in the mouth and fight tooth decay. Carrots are also one of the highest sources of vitamin C, a vitamin that plays a key role in cell growth and repair. 


Christmas turkey is not only very low in sugar but it’s a great source of phosphorus and protein. Phosphorus is an essential vitamin for healthy teeth as it helps your body to absorb and use calcium, which, in turn, helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. Its protein content helps to protect tooth enamel and improve bone density. Turkey is also jam-packed with B-vitamins and iron, which all play a key role in helping to strengthen teeth and gums. 


These crunchy and delicious snacks contain fiber and protein that actually help to break down some of the biofilms on your teeth. They are packed with tons of important elements like calcium and phosphorus, which both play a vital role in the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth. Nuts also stimulate saliva as you chew, helping to clear away debris and bacteria. 


For all you cheese lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that this rich festive snack does absolute wonders for your teeth and gums. The high levels of calcium and phosphorus in cheese help to remineralize tooth enamel and prevent erosion, as well as helping to balance the pH levels in your mouth. Calcium, especially, is very good at helping to put back essential minerals your teeth and gums may have lost due to sugary or acidic foods. This means less harmful mouth acids and bacteria, which also means fewer cavities! Even a small piece of cheese after a meal can have a positive effect on your oral health. 

A tasty gum-friendly Christmas dessert 


Believe it or not, pumpkin pie can be very tooth and gum-friendly! Just make sure you use a recipe that eliminates sugar without sacrificing the flavor. You may want to use a substitute like xylitol, which is almost as sweet as sugar but has a lot fewer calories and even benefits your teeth and gums. Instead of eroding teeth as sugar does, xylitol actually helps to strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel.

Just remember to add the cinnamon and your teeth and gums will love you even more!

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