Can You Remineralize Your Teeth Naturally?

The truth is our teeth are remineralizing naturally all day long – from our saliva!

Did you know that we have four types of salivary glands that secrete up to one and a half liters of saliva per day? Yep! That’s the equivalent of up to six 8-ounce glasses of water! 

Our teeth and gums heavily rely on our saliva to wash away harmful toxins and debris on a regular basis. Most people are unaware of just how much our saliva protects our teeth against tooth and gum problems such as caries and gum disease. 

Saliva’s role against harmful bacteria in the mouth

Tooth decay is caused by cavity-causing bacteria already present in the mouth that process sugar into tooth demineralizing acids, which erode the teeth. This is why your diet is absolutely crucial; if you are consuming high levels of sugar and processed foods throughout the day without taking precautions to neutralize or rid these harmful acids, you are creating the perfect environment for this bacteria to thrive. The acid given off by the sugar-eating bacteria breaks down the microscopic crystalline mineral structure of tooth enamel in a process called demineralization. 

Saliva is your first defense against tooth decay and protects the teeth from demineralization in three ways:

  • If enough saliva is produced, then the flow of saliva flushes away some of the acid and excess sugars from the surface of the teeth. 
  • Saliva normalizes the pH, lowering some of the spikes in acidity.
  • Saliva incorporates ions of the minerals needed to restore the structure of tooth enamel (especially calcium and phosphorus) and can deposit them into the microscopic gaps in a process called remineralization.

Our teeth and gums rely solely on the nutrients in our saliva to efficiently remineralize dentin and tooth enamel as well as helping to neutralize mouth acids, so it’s important to have a continuous flow of saliva to keep flushing away those nasty toxins and excess sugars. 

If left alone, the bacteria will turn into tooth-eroding acid, so keeping hydrated with lots of water will help keep your mouth nice and clean and with a healthful, balanced biome.

It’s also important not to use products that coat your teeth with a film of glycerin that will prevent the teeth from receiving the remineralizing ions in your saliva.  Just about all toothpastes and most mouthwashes contain glycerin, so read their labels and avoid them.

Saliva’s role in supporting tooth structures and gums

There really is no end to what saliva can do for our teeth and gums! Saliva also supports the teeth-supporting structures which protect the teeth’s roots, periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone. Because saliva has an acid-neutralizing action, this not only serves the teeth enamel, but it also serves the gums by reducing the acidity favored by the acid-loving bacteria that form plaque, and by countering infectious agents before they can penetrate to deeper tissues.

If our diets include processed, sugary and refined foods then saliva alone isn’t enough to safeguard our teeth and gums. Other practices such as brushing and flossing are absolutely essential. But it’s also important to use natural dentifrice powders that stimulate saliva production such as Good-Gums herbal tooth & gum formula.

Good-Gums all-natural tooth and gum formula

Described as “your best friend” by Isabelle Dunkeson, creator of Good-Gums, our pocket-sized bottle of nature’s goodness is an excellent remedy for neutralizing acids in the mouth and stimulating saliva flow due to its high French grey sea salt content straight from the Celtic sea.

As Good-Gums powder dissolves in your saliva, the ingredients immediately activate releasing its gum-soothing and bacteria-fighting properties. This mineral-rich formula goes to work right away cleansing your whole mouth in nutrifying liquid to support your body’s natural healing processes. Our all-natural tooth and gum powder is 100% natural and contains no toxic or artificial ingredients that interfere with natural healing so your teeth and gums can soothe, strengthen and heal themselves naturally.

A healthy amount of saliva requires plenty of water, good nutrition and a saliva-inducing, mineral-rich dentifrice like Good-Gums.

Click here to order you pocket-sized bottle of nature’s goodness.

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