Gum Disease Doubles The Risk Of Stroke, According To Recent Study

A recent study has found that those who have gum disease are twice as likely to have a stroke. 

Researchers have long known the link between gum disease and cardiovascular problems, but recent discoveries have now put a spotlight on exactly why that is.

New discoveries have brought to light the fact that when gums bleed, this affects how the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which we explain later in the article.

Gum disease still remains one of the most common health conditions in the US, currently affecting over 80% of adults. 

Paying close attention to your oral health isn’t just about keeping the teeth clean; good oral health also ensures that you are not at risk of developing other serious health conditions. 

Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, says: 

“Gum disease is incredibly common and most people will suffer from it during the course of their lifetime.  It is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults and is increasingly being linked to other general health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and some forms of dementia.”

the link between gum disease and the risk of stroke

According to two recent research presentations that were presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference, people with gum disease are twice as likely to have a stroke caused by the hardening of large arteries in the brain and are also at higher risk of severe artery blockages that haven’t yet caused symptoms.

The presentations suggest that treating gum disease (alongside other stroke risk factors) could reduce the risk of stroke: 

“Treating gum disease alongside other stroke risk factors might reduce the severity of artery plaque buildup and narrowing of brain blood vessels that can lead to a new or a recurrent stroke.”

Although this research does not show explicitly that gum disease can cause artery blockage or stroke, it does show a strong link between patients with gum disease and their susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases. 

There is increasing evidence to show the link between gum disease and various healthy conditions. Other associations include:

Never before has it become more important to look after your oral health!

Healthy gums = healthy body 

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