High mineral sea salt as an antidote to gum disease

Did you know that every single cell in your body contains salt? On average, every human body contains about 250 g of salt – equivalent to a standard box you’ll pick up at a grocery store. We need salt to survive, but on the other hand, if there’s too much salt in the body, it can be fatal. Salt is absolutely crucial for bodily functioning and maintenance of body fluids and helps cells communicate with one another. Salt also plays a vital role in brain function and is fundamental to the process of sending signals to and from the brain.

But we don’t mean just any salt, such as the cheap, refined table salt depleted of essential nutrients. We mean unrefined, mineral-rich sea salt.

When it comes to your gums, mineral-rich sea salt is absolutely essential for keeping them in tip-top shape.  Having a strikingly similar mineral balance to body fluids, mineral-rich sea salt allows liquids to pass through the body’s membranes and blood vessel walls effectively, which is crucial for cell growth and regeneration.

The similarity between sea salt and human blood

In 1904, a French biologist, René Quinton, proved that human blood composition, or, to be more precise, blood plasma, is very close to the composition of seawater. It contains every mineral and trace mineral known in organic form and in proportions needed by tissues of the human body.

Through Quinton’s experimentation, he found that seawater has a chemical composition similar to plasma in all mammals.  

Back in the day, when experimenting on animals was common and even considered the norm, Quinton drained blood from dogs, causing them to breathe with difficulty and to be unable to walk. He then replaced blood with seawater diluted to 0.9% isotonic solution, which is the same as the mineral concentration of blood plasma. The level of red and white blood cells started increasing immediately and continued for the following days. 

The results showed that the organism had become revitalized by the seawater to a level that EXCEEDED that before the blood had been withdrawn.  Five years later, Sodium [the dog], so named in memory of the experiment, was still alive and well.”  (source)

Evidence of sea salt’s compatibility with human blood can also be seen when Navy doctors in World War II used it in emergency transfusions when blood plasma wasn’t available. 

The compatibility between high-mineral sea salt water and human bodily fluids makes for more compatible acceptance by the body of the dissolved high-mineral sea salt.  

Why we use French Grey Sea Salt in Good-Gums 

French grey sea salt has a trace mineral content even greater than that of other sea salts. This is because it’s harvested in ponds lined with the high-mineral clay of the shores of the Celtic Sea (source), instead of conventional cement-lined ponds. 

The Celtic Sea adjacent to the French coast of Brittany is a particularly clean, uncontaminated part of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Good-Gums incorporates what we consider to be the best sea salt in the world into a tasty formula that works to heal, soothe and regenerate sore gums as well as help to remineralize tooth enamel. 

Harvested from Brittany in France, our sea salt is straight from the Celtic Sea. We take our sea salt from evaporated salt crystals that have formed within the ocean’s shallow pools of mineral-rich clay and which have a distinctive grey color due to the high content of minerals and nutrients present in the ocean’s natural clay. The purity of the salt ensures that no further processing is required; therefore, you can rest assured that your Good-Gums bottle is filled with the finest and purest sea salt, making sure your teeth and gums are in very good hands!

Please note that when you apply Good-Gums all-natural gum solution for your oral health, any incidental ingestion is safe to swallow. You can rest assured knowing you can safely receive all the wonderful benefits French grey sea salt (and all the other wonderful ingredients) has to offer!

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