How To Reverse Tooth Decay The Natural Way

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Many people believe that once they have tooth decay, they’ve reached the point of no return and that the only solution to fixing their cavity is to have their tooth drilled into and filled with an expensive (and potentially toxic) metal or synthetic material. 

But what if we told you that tooth decay can actually be reversed? And that you can actually remineralize your tooth enamel?

As a study published in the British Medical Journal points out, tooth decay can be reversed through diet. We’ll talk more about this later.

Another study showed 62 children who had cavities divided into three groups, each of which were given differing diets for 6 months. Group 1 were given a diet of oatmeal (rich in phytic acid), group 2 were given a normal diet and supplemented with vitamin D, and group 3 were given a grain-free diet, and also took vitamin D. 

The results found that the children in group 1 had an increase in cavities due to the phytic acid content in oatmeal, group 2 saw some improvements in cavities and less form, and group 3 who were given a grain-free nutrient-rich diet, which included vitamin D, saw the greatest improvement with almost all their cavities healed.

When we look at these results, we are reminded of the remarkable work of leading dentist Weston A. Price, who first discovered why oral health was deteriorating so badly among the US population. 

Price traveled the world studying populations of isolated indigenous tribes who had almost perfect teeth and gums with little or no decay. 

So, what was their secret?

He found that out of all the populations he visited, they all had the same thing in common; even though they consumed a wide variety of different diets, all their diets had the same traits – they had no processed foods, no sugars, and no refined starches. They ate only what they could catch or grow themselves.

He also found that all the foods they ate were rich in the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, which are the two main building blocks for strong bones and teeth.

According to his findings, there are four main factors that contribute to tooth decay:

  • Lack of nutrients in the diet (calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous deficiency)
  • Lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K)
  • Too much phytic acid in the diet
  • Too much sugar, processed foods, and refined starches

Unfortunately, the healthy populations that Weston Price studied ate a diet that’s not readily available to us anymore, so to help counter the degenerative forces of modern foods and to help restore a natural balance within our bodies, natural assistance is needed.

So let’s take a look at how to restore the natural balance back in our bodies so we can reverse tooth decay the natural way!

Eliminate sugar 

Obvious we know, but sugar is literally a ‘magnet’ for the bad bacteria in the mouth, making dental plaque so acidic that it erodes tooth enamel. In fact, when we take a look at the 80% of Americans suffering from gum disease – sugar is the main culprit!

So stay away from soda, candy, pasta sauces and fruit juices with high sugar content. 

If you’d like some help cutting down on sugar, check out our article, 5 easy ways to cut down on sugar.

Remove phytic acid 

Phytic acid is an enzyme inhibitor and mineral blocker found in nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains. Phytic acid prevents you from absorbing vital minerals from food such as calcium and phosphorus and also leaches minerals out of your body, bones, and teeth!

A diet high in phytic acid will eventually lead to bone loss, tooth decay and other mineral deficiencies.

You can significantly reduce the amount of phytic acid by soaking grains, legumes, nuts and seeds overnight or doing sourdough fermentation. 

foods to reverse tooth decay

Consume raw dairy, grass-fed animal foods and nutrient-rich foods

Raw, organic dairy is loaded with calcium, vitamin K2, vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, and fat-soluble vitamins. To beat tooth decay, you need to increase your mineral and fat-soluble vitamin intake. 

The ideal diet to combat tooth decay needs to include animal foods, such as bone broth, meat, eggs, and fish, plenty of veggies, and raw dairy such as grass-fed butter, cheese, and kefir.

For a more detailed explanation of the essential vitamins for oral health and which nutritious foods to find them in, check out our blog – ‘Fantastic Four Fat Solubles and Why We Need Them’.

Drink more water 

Our teeth and gums rely solely on the nutrients in our saliva to efficiently remineralize dentin and tooth enamel. As well as helping to neutralize mouth acids, our saliva incorporates ions of the minerals needed to restore the structure of tooth enamel, so it’s important to have a continuous flow of saliva to keep flushing away those nasty toxins and excess sugars. 

Drinking water throughout the day keeps your nutrient-rich saliva flushing away harmful toxins and debris on a regular basis. 

Because saliva has an acid-neutralizing action, this not only serves tooth enamel, but also serves the gums by reducing the acidity favored by the acid-loving bacteria that form plaque, and by countering infectious agents before they can penetrate into deeper tissues.

After eating or drinking something acidic such as alcohol, caffeine, carb-rich, or sugary foods, we recommend rinsing your mouth with water immediately afterward.

Use a natural remineralizing dental product like Good-Gums

Good-Gums all-natural tooth and gum formula is an excellent remedy for neutralizing acids in the mouth and stimulating saliva flow to aid remineralization due to its high French grey sea salt content straight from the Celtic sea.

As Good-Gums powder dissolves in your saliva, the ingredients immediately activate releasing its gum-soothing and bacteria-fighting properties. Our formula is packed full of vitamins and minerals that get to work right away cleansing your whole mouth in nutrifying liquid to support your body’s natural healing processes. Our all-natural tooth and gum powder is 100% natural and contains no toxic or artificial ingredients that interfere with natural healing so your teeth and gums can soothe, strengthen and heal themselves naturally.

Reversing tooth decay requires cutting down on sugar, eliminating phytic acid, good nutrition, and a mineral-rich, natural dentifrice like Good-Gums.

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