How your gut health and oral health are related

Did you know that a lot of problems in the mouth are caused by problems in the gut?

Oral microbiome and gut microbiome are in constant communication with each other. This is why our oral health can be a good way of monitoring the health of our gut, as the problems found in the mouth can give us clues to problems with gut microbiome. For example, gingivitis is a common sign of an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth, which relates to an imbalance in the gut and a possible indication of underlying inflammatory responses.

And it goes both ways! Problems in the mouth can also cause problems in the gut. Gum disease starts from an imbalance of bacteria and inflammation, which means harmful microbes that develop in the mouth are then swallowed and carried down to the gut where they hide in the small folds and crevices of the intestines. This is when a variety of diseases can begin to take form.

If, as Hippocrates says, ‘all disease begins in the gut,’ then we would like to add that all disease prevention begins in the mouth!

Your mouth is the gatekeeper of your gut.

Your oral microbiome is the first line of defense. If you can create a healthy environment in your mouth, it sets the stage for everything to come.

Ways to keep your oral microbiome in balance is through good diet, diligent oral hygiene practice, and using a product that is as close to nature’s source as possible, that contains no toxins or chemicals and is kind to your gums.

Where do I find a product like that, we hear you ask?! Well, as a matter of fact, we have just the thing!

Our all natural tooth and gum powder uses 100% natural ingredients that neutralize the pH balance in your mouth and helps to create a nutrient-rich environment that ensures a healthy balance of oral microbiome. This healthy, thriving habitat of the mouth helps you to chew and digest food more efficiently, as well as allowing the probiotic strains (healthy bacteria) to perform protective functions in the mouth. When your mouth and oral microbiome are healthy and thriving, the rest of your body will thrive too!

We don’t want to sound bossy but….GIVE UP USING TOOTHPASTE!!

Toothpaste is full of harmful toxins and chemicals that kill good bacteria in the mouth. The healthy ones from health food stores may contain fewer toxins, but the one thing that all toothpaste has in common is that they all contain glycerin. We’ve said this many times before (because it’s so important!) but it’s the glycerin in toothpaste that doesn’t let nature work! It

literally acts as a barrier to all vital nutrients that you put into your body through what you consume, and limits your body’s ability to heal itself. Your gums are some of the most absorptive tissues in the body so it is essential that we keep them healthy and exposed enough to absorb vitamins and minerals that are critical for your body’s health.

Your body will heal if you allow it, so let it do its job and quit using toothpaste!

We cannot stress enough the importance of brushing your teeth with a product that’s 100% natural and that will not upset the balance of bacteria in the mouth. Such a simple change can make such a big difference!

Healthy mouth equals healthy body! Period.

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