Inside Isabelle #1 My Angelic Dream

Hope in a bottle

It is a rare one who in the face of numerous health problems, chooses to go against ‘what the doctor ordered’ in trust that the body has it’s own intelligence to heal itself.

Isabelle’s health crisis during the 60’s led her down the path of self-healing, where she begins to realize that it is through our problems that we find the solution. The solution to unhappy gums comes in the form of what Isabelle describes as ‘hope in a bottle’ and has helped thousands of people around the country heal gum disease and many other mouth ailments.

So Isabelle, please tell us how Good-Gums all began?

Well I have a statement that life teaches me every day, this is not a negative thing but I feel like nothing ever gets done without a crisis of some sort. A crisis doesn’t have to be negative.

My first degree was in Fine Arts. I was a painter, 2 years of college and 4 years of Art School and so ‘Health’ wasn’t on my radar, until I had a health crisis in the 1960’s. I developed really bad allergies and asthma, which is what led me to make a big decision at one point.

‘I look at problems as opportunities’

I was going to an allergist and getting all these shots and he was telling me ‘don’t go to to health food stores, don’t read books’ and of course I did! I started reading books and realized that the body has this ability to heal itself so I told the allergist I didn’t want anymore shots and he said ‘If you don’t take these shots you will be dead’. I said, ‘well I would rather be dead but I’m going in a different direction’.

So that was my crisis. Now I’m not saying everyone should do this, but I think you have to have the courage to trust.

‘Trust in the body’s ability to heal itself’

I had to step away from what I was being told to do, so I started reading all these books and I ended up opening up my own health food store because I became so interested in the body’s ability to heal itself and the great part to this story is that the allergist who was from another town, ended up shopping at my health food store!

So my body healed itself from this problem which led me to go in that direction. So I look at problems as opportunities. That’s what got me going in this direction. 

How did this experience then lead you on to create Good-Gums?

I ended up going to massage school and opened up my own natural healing school, the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts. In the midst of all that, I was having terrible toothaches.

One of my students happened to be a dental hygienist and told me that I had all these pockets, I said ‘what are pockets?’ I didn’t know what they were, I was too busy to care. She said ‘gum pockets, you need to go and see a periodontist.’

So I did, and they told me I had to have gum surgery. There I was again at the precipice, and again had the courage to trust in the body’s ability to heal itself so I went into my kitchen; I’d had a lot of experience, I’ve studied with a lot of herbalists over the years. When I had the thought of putting stuff together the idea came to me as light as an angel’s eyelash.

It just came to me. I could have put a million things together but I just put these things together and I started brushing my teeth with it and before I knew it the problem healed itself and my gum pockets disappeared!

‘The idea came to me as light as an angel’s eyelash’

Isabelle went into her kitchen and put all the ingredients she felt would work together. This was the birth of Good-Gums.

Isabelle went into her kitchen and put all the ingredients she felt would work together. This was the birth of Good-Gums.

Wow! Did you tell anyone about it?

Oh yes, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible and I had a great audience as I had all these students at my healing school so I just gave it away for years. And as life works, my students then gave it away to their friends and more and more people started hearing about it as it was having amazing results.

The next thing I knew, I get a call from Dr Kirby Hotcher, a holistic medical doctor from Miami, who said someone sent him my tooth powder and they tested it energetically and physically and told me it was amazing stuff. He told me he was going to send me all his periodontal patients.

One of those people that contacted me was Lynwood Murray who was a patient of Dr. Kirby Hotcher.  Lynwood told me that he and his friend John Chisolm would like to travel up to Sarasota and talk to me about the product. And that’s how this whole thing happened. They backed the whole thing. So it was never my personal intention to do anything with this.

Could you tell us more about the experience of when the ingredients came to you? Was it in a dream? How was that feeling for you?

(she laughs) I would like to say it was a lot more dramatic but it was like I said, like the eyelash of an angel, the pouf of a cloud. It wasn’t a huge deal, it wasn’t some big revelation, it was just part of my daily thought process, putting one foot in front of the other,  not holding onto anything or pushing for anything, just being in the present moment with the whole thing.

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