Inside Isabelle #2 The Killer Ingredient You Never Knew About.

Isabelle Dunkeson – A Natural Born Healer

Isabelle Dunkeson says that the one main cause of poor gum health is….are you ready for it?


You gotta give up the paste if you want to cure your gum problems’

It’s no lie that most of us are paste addicts. That minty, soft and sticky texture that foams up in your mouth and has that reassuring feel of cleanliness after a good brush, is rather refreshing. But are we being taken for a ride? Do the manufacturers know exactly how to lure us into believing that toothpaste is good for our oral health but in actual fact is the main reason for our gum deterioration?

But what is the main ingredient in toothpaste that Isabelle so strongly recommends we eradicatefrom our teeth cleaning regime? This sneaky culprit is Glycerin.

As Isabelle points out, 

‘Glycerin forms an invisible coating that doesn’t let nature work.’

Our gums are very sensitive and are some of the most absorptive tissues in the body so it is important that we feed them with vitamins and nutrients that aid the regeneration process

With our cells regenerating at a rapid rate every day, Isabelle continues to reinforce the power of our body’s innate intelligence to heal itself if we allow ourselves to trust in the process.

Even some of the most expensive brand’s of toothpaste from health food stores include Glycerinas one of their main ingredients. Unfortunately, it’s the only ingredient that creates that popular smooth consistency.

Isabelle is adamant that if we stop using toothpaste, our gum health will see dramatic improvements. But asking people to give up their much-loved tube of paste is not an easy thing. It goes deeper than that.

‘It’s about connecting to the truth of what people are feeling and thinking.’

So let’s hear more about Isabelle’s mission for mankind through this wonderfully healthy and natural formula that appears to be having overnight success on people’s gum health.

Do you think that regular toothpaste is detrimental to our gum health?

When you go out to the drug store to buy a product, in this case, toothpaste, you’re buying something a thousand times removed from the original formula! When John, Lynwood and I initially set out to do this we were thinking about making it into a paste as

everyone is brainwashed to paste

and then we discovered that it’s actually the glycerin in toothpaste that forms an invisible coating and doesn’t let nature work. And it’s not just glycerin. There are many other very harmful andtoxic chemicals that have now been added to your toothpaste. Fluoride being one of them. Fluoride is so toxic, that every toothpaste containing it is required to have an FDA warning to ‘get medical help or contact a Poison Center’ if too much is ingested! And they tell us it’s safe to put in our mouths!?

I’m finding that more and more people are getting to know about the detrimental effects of toothpaste. Someone came up to me and asked, ‘do you have anything without glycerin?’ That information is getting out there. There’s so much information about the negative effects of glycerin.

I have an article that I give out to people about how cells are able to regenerate every day. We’re alive, our cells are working, things are healing, if you cut yourself your body knows exactly how to repair itself. I say to people,

‘If that cut on your arm can heal how come that problem in your mouth can’t?’

That’s when I talk about glycerin stopping our body’s natural ability to heal. You know, when we sleep at night our saliva remineralizes enamel and it can heal if we just give it a chance.

I show people this article and it says that the cells and the gums can regenerate in three weeks. People say they didn’t realize that. I’m trying to re-empower people. Our cells our regenerating in every part of our bodies every day.

So are you saying that Good-Gums can help our cells regenerate?

Good-Gums uses 100% natural ingredients,  which are easily absorbed into your gums and actually help cells regenerate even more effectively, therefore helping to significantly improve all gum problems. Quite simply, this is the healing power of nature at work here.

People say that their bleeding gums stopped overnight!

What does that tell you? Another friend said she’s been using Good-Gums for years and ran out,started using toothpaste and said that the next day her gums started bleeding again.

I used to do so many videos of people giving testimonials at the market. I have a woman on video saying she had all these blisters in her mouth. I said I can’t practise dentistry without a licence and said

‘look, just stop doing what you’re doing, try this and let me know in a couple of weeks.’

So she disappeared and came back a couple of weeks later and told me that not only did the blisters in her mouth disappear but her gum pockets are getting better almost daily. I asked her how she knew that. She said she used to be a dental assistant so she had all the tools. Also, she said to me I discovered what was causing the blisters in my mouth –  My toothpaste!’

The consensus is that people don’t trust their dentist, they are tired of the high prices, tired of invasion and they want to do something else.

It’s about thinking differently. This bottle becomes your toothpaste.

Use it as your toothpaste. If people aren’t keen on the taste and have to sprinkle it on

their toothpaste then OK do that, it’s better than not using it at all. I admit it, it’s an unusual taste. But many people have told me that they love it! The important thing is to keep using it. Continual use is necessary!

Why did you choose these ingredients?

As I said before, I had studied with a lot of herbalists over the years and knew a lot about the properties of different ingredients. To be honest with you, I don’t know why it works, it just does. The mind tries to comprehend but there is another intelligence at work. The same intelligence that’s at the force of all nature.

It’s the synergy that makes it work. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s the synergy of these ingredients together that make it work.  

People come up to me and suggest different ingredients and I say ‘listen’, and I point to Good-Gums, ‘this can’t be the only thing in the world that works but I know this works’.

The truth is, other things might work but I know from experience this works. A lot of people can’t accept goodness, that’s probably our worst failing. We can’t accept success and goodness.

All I know is that this is an accidental product that works. Because of the color, it’s a bit disconcerting. There’s still a learning curve in accepting the brown color. But you know, people are emailing me saying how it’s whitening their teeth!

We have to release the worry and concern about it.

Customers come back and tell me all these amazing stories. You have to give teeth a chancegive it a try and I guarantee you will get results.

But you have to give up toothpaste!

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  • “Gum tissue growing back in the gaps between the teeth can happen quickly enough to be observed, but the time scale is at least over many months if not several years of being tartar-free, gingivitis-free and periodontitis-free.” (From your website)

    Does this product claim to regrow gums back? I have used Dental Pro 7 which I thought would regrow gums back, but have only used the product for 2 weeks and have seen minimal improvement. Will Good Gums grow receding gums back and could I see improvement within 2 weeks since you claim it can be observed quickly? That is why I purchased Good Gums.

    • Hi Katherine,

      Thank you for your comment. Many of our customers have seen a significant improvement with gum regrowth after using Good-Gums. Please check ‘what our customers say’ on our website for customer testimonials. And please do update us with your results in a week or two. 😊

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