Is It Actually Possible To Reverse Receding Gums?

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There is much controversy as to whether you can reverse receding gums. While you will find a lot of websites or dentistry experts that tell you it is not possible to reverse receding gums, we would like to offer some of our thoughts that may make you reconsider.

Stop gum recession in its tracks

When we’re dealing with gum recession, the immediate goal is to stop it from progressing any further.  Then it’s about supporting the body’s ability to grow gum tissue to replace what’s been lost where it can.  

So yes, folks! The gum tissue can be replaced. But let’s talk a little more about this.

Ok, so first things first, we need to stop gum recession in its tracks. And this means completely eliminating the gum infection and stopping it from recurring.

 So how do we do that? 

You see, when your gums are infected, your immune system is actively at work combating the invading bacteria, but it needs to be relieved from the continual assault of additional bacteria that keep invading the gums and overwhelming the body’s defenses.

It’s not possible to eliminate all the bacteria from the mouth. And you wouldn’t want to! Many of those bacteria have an essential role in breaking down and digesting our food.  But there are certain strains of bacteria, that when they organize themselves and reproduce, they start to attack our teeth and gums. These bacteria formations also cause plaque and tartar (dental calculus).

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Plaque is a sticky mat of soft biofilm that’s created on the teeth near the gum line by plaque-producing bacteria.  Tartar on the other hand is calcified mineral deposits that are formed within plaque. These mineral deposits are harder than bone and cemented tightly to teeth near the gum line, and only metal implements can remove them.

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To reverse gum recession you first need to remove tartar

After you’ve got the tartar removed (which you’ll need to go to a dental hygienist to do), you can remove plaque on your own.  Removing plaque not only removes the substance from which tartar can re-form, but it also reduces the bacteria from an organized colony into disorganized and relatively-harmless individual bacteria.   

Removing plaque needs to become a habitual daily routine, as plaque can start absorbing minerals and transforming into tartar in as little as 24 hours! 

Man with mouth open.Can you reverse receding gums?

How long does it take for gum recession to reverse?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Unfortunately, though, it’s not a straight answer.

Replacing the cells of tissue that have died and are no longer there takes longer and is harder to accomplish than restoring the health of intact tissue that is merely inflamed.  Gum recession happens slowly, typically over a number of years.  Recession will stop getting worse right after the underlying cause is removed: periodontal infection, mechanical or chemical irritants, or bruxism (especially at night, which can be addressed by a night guard).

Reversing the effects of gum recession is an extremely slow process, especially at the front flat surfaces of teeth. The growth of this gum tissue is so slow that it might not even be noticeable.  Gum tissue growing back in the gaps between the teeth, however, can happen quickly enough to be observed, but the time scale is at least over several months if not longer of being tartar-free,  gingivitis-free, and periodontitis-free.

How to use Good-Gums tooth & gum powder to reverse receding gums 

Good-Gums all-natural tooth and gum formula literally stops gum recession in its tracks! How? First of all, by removing plaque. 

And we said earlier, removing plaque is critical to success. Our nutrient-rich 2 in 1 all-natural tooth and gum powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals that help control the population of plaque-producing bacteria. We’ve included peppermint and cinnamon, which act as antimicrobials, baking soda to counteract acidity, making the oral environment less favorable for plaque-producing bacteria, and cranberry which helps to loosen plaque for easy removal. 

As well as baking soda, cranberry, cinnamon and peppermint, we’ve also included myrrh, French grey sea salt, vitamin C & citrus bioflavonoids. The synergy of these ingredients together work absolute wonders in helping your gum tissue start regenerating itself. 


What you will see relatively quickly after using Good-Gums (within the first few weeks) is that your receding gums will stop worsening and you’ll see a significant reduction of plaque and the subsequent formation of tartar.

Good-Gums takes advantage of two facts about your gums: 1. that their cells have some of the fastest replacement rates in your body, and 2. they are comprised almost entirely of connective tissue. 

If healthy cells are given the nutrients they need, they start replacing unhealthy gum cells relatively quickly. Particularly for connective tissue cells, what they need the most during their formation is a healthy dose of vitamin C, plus the citrus bioflavanoids to help the body utilize the vitamin C. The great thing about Good-Gums is that it dissolves right in the mouth to be absorbed directly by the gums, giving help where it’s needed the most.

With continual use of Good-Gums, your gums will receive the vital nutrition they need to help the formation of healthier gum cells. If you want to reverse your receding gums it is vital that you stop using toothpaste and don’t introduce any infectious agents in the mouth

Throw out your toothpaste!

Conventional kinds of toothpaste contain many harmful chemicals and toxins that enter your bloodstream through your mouth and gums and are transported to the rest of your body. And not only that, but most kinds of toothpaste (including the natural ones from health food stores) contain the humectant glycerin, which forms an invisible coating over your teeth and gums and prevents your gums from healing themselves naturally.

Take a look at our article, “Toxic Ingredients in Your Toothpaste”, to see why you need to throw away your toothpaste now. 

Our completely natural, herbal, and soothing formula is exactly what your gums need to heal themselves. 

If you don’t believe us, take a look at what our customers say.

And if you still don’t believe us, then try it for yourself!

Your gums can improve by the combination of these three strategies: active nutritional help for the formation of healthier gum cells, soothing sore tissue, and reducing contact by infectious agents.

If you would like some more information on how GG can help gum recession, feel free to take a look at the “receding gums” section on our website.

Remember, what’s good for your gums is good for you!

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