Isabelle Dunkeson. The Inspiration Behind This Magic Formula.

Meet Isabelle.

The woman responsible for saving thousands of people’s teeth and gums around the globe with her unique Good-Gums formula.

Good news travels fast! Isabelle is amazed at the success 
Good-Gums is having all over the world in transforming people’s gum health.

But how did the journey begin all those years ago?

‘Nothing is in my way, it’s showing me the way.’

With this little bottle of nature’s goodness helping more and more people transform the health of their teeth and gums whilst shocking dentists around the country, it’s time to meet the woman behind this revolutionary product- Isabelle Dunkeson.

With a background in Fine Arts and four years at Art School, Isabelle had always dreamed of being a painter, but it seems that life had something quite different in store for her. Something she never expected.

A health crisis in the 60’s led Isabelle down an unexpected path that would end up helping thousands of people heal all kinds of oral infections that have been branded ‘incurable’ by dentists unless thousands of dollars are spent undergoing surgery.

In our ‘Inside Isabelle’ series, Isabelle talks us through her physical, emotional and spiritual journey into creating what she names Good-Gums as ‘your best friend.’ She explains how, this ‘all-natural’ tooth powder works in harmony with nature and your body helping our body’s natural ability to heal itself and how expensive treatment and agonizing nights in pain with toothaches are simply not necessary.

On a mission to re-empower people to their own body’s innate power to heal itself, Isabelle urges us to ‘give teeth a chance’, meaning that if we just trust enough to let nature do its thing, we will see significant improvements. This means, we have to think differently, try something new and by choosing to use a product packed full of ingredients that help our cells repair and regenerate, we are making a choice to trust in our body’s natural ability to heal itself and let nature do the work.

Good-Gums is ‘your best friend’

As hard as this may be for most of us who are addicted to the sweet, sticky consistency of toothpaste, which, ironically is what causes most of our dental issues, we’ve got to ‘give up the paste‘ if we want a healthy mouth.

As Isabelle points out, it is the glycerin in toothpaste which ‘forms an invisible coating that doesn’t let nature work.’ Toothpaste is a fairly new invention and up until the turn of the 19th century we were all using tooth powder, so it has become Isabelle’s intention to help bring people back to the raw, basic and simple ingredients that were used before artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals were added to what most of us clean our teeth with today.

With over 80% of American adults suffering from gum disease, it’s obvious that what people are doing isn’t working. Good-Gums provides an opportunity to try something different, something that may initially look, smell and taste, as Isabelle admits, ‘weird at first,’  she asks that people ‘just try it and see’. The results are proving to be miraculous and many customers have claimed their bleeding gums have stopped bleeding overnight.

Good-Gums brings us back to basics and is so simple in its formula that it’s hard to believe that it has such a powerful healing effect on our gums. But as Isabelle states, ‘it’s the synergy of these ingredients together that make it work’.

Isabelle’s courage and trust in her own body’s ability to heal itself is
 inspiring people to think differently and to become more aware of what our bodies need.

Isabelle’s approach to spreading the word about Good-Gums is not about selling anything, it is about telling the truth, which is why she powerfully states before her interview: ‘Ask me anything. I just tell the truth. I tell everything as it is and it makes life a whole lot easier’

 As you read on you will see Isabelle is nothing short of what can only be described as something of an inspiration. 

We hope you enjoy this special series, which has been a sheer joy to write.

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