“I’ve got periodontal disease. Can this product really help?”

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Periodontitis (advanced periodontal disease) can be challenging, painful, and sometimes even scary, especially when your dentist first alerts you to your condition. Questions go through your head like…. what procedure will I have to go through? Will it be painful? How much will it cost? Will this expensive, painful procedure even be a permanent solution? 

First of all we want to say: WE HEAR YOU! And you are absolutely not alone! 

According to recent findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis. This equals approximately 64.7 million Americans!

What does it mean to have periodontitis?

When a dentist has uttered the dreaded words “you have periodontitis,” it means that some of the tissue that supports your teeth has been lost, and the condition of your mouth is contributing to further destruction of the tissues. This is unless, of course, something changes, which we’ll talk about more later. 

Your current condition falls under the category of periodontal disease, which means that you have an infection of the tissue that supports your teeth. If allowed to progress, it eventually leads to tooth loss! 

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With periodontal disease, the infection destroys some of the tissue that connects a tooth to the gums and a tooth to its jawbone. The infection can become too deep to be addressed by normal oral hygiene alone, such as tooth brushing, flossing, or even normal cleaning by a dental hygienist. This is why a dentist will recommend that you see a periodontist.

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What does a periodontist actually do?

A periodontist will usually remove the infecting bacteria as deep as it has penetrated by using the following procedures:

  • Deep scaling is a procedure performed to remove tartar (hard calcified plaque) from the root of the tooth below the gum line.
  • Root planing is a procedure to smooth the surface of the root so that plaque and tartar can’t adhere as easily.  A smooth surface also increases the chances of tissue regrowth to restore some of the tooth’s attachment.  
  • Periodontal flap surgery is a procedure to temporarily cut and peel back gum tissue to give access to the infected area that’s too deep to reach from the surface.  In extreme cases, where there has been too much bone loss, a periodontist may implant a piece of bone (typically sourced from a cadaver) into an area of the jawbone. 
  • When the loss of teeth is inevitable, a periodontist may implant metal posts into the jawbone on which artificial teeth are mounted (dental implants); careful oral hygiene is still required to prevent any future bone loss which would cause the implants’ posts to come loose and the implanted teeth to be lost.

This doesn’t sound pretty, does it?

Here at Good-Gums, we are constantly encouraging those of you who message us about your concerns with periodontal disease to try our all-natural formula. If you can avoid expensive and painful surgery, it can’t hurt, can it?

Let’s see how Good-Gums all-natural tooth and gum formula can help!

The ingredients in Good-Gums are specifically designed to help your body heal itself naturally. After using Good-Gums, your condition will improve and in some cases may even make your trip to the periodontist unnecessary. After using our herbal formula, you’ll feel hope that there is a much cheaper, less painful option to try before resorting to expensive and intrusive procedures, and you’ll start to feel a lot more knowledgeable and in control of your oral health.

“What makes Good-Gums so special?” we hear you ask. 

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The special thing about Good-Gums is that it’s specifically formulated to help the gums.  It works with your body’s natural processes, whose predisposition is to heal and nurture.  The Good-Gums formula is designed to dissolve right in the mouth to be absorbed directly by the gums, where it’s needed the most.

Gum cells have some of the fastest replacement rates in the body and are comprised almost entirely of connective tissue.

If gum cells are given what they need (a ton of nutrients and vitamins), healthier gum cells can start taking the place of less-healthy cells quickly.  Especially for connective tissue cells, what they need during their formation is a large amount of vitamin C (especially via a formula that effectively buffers its acidity).

Good-Gums provides a huge amount of vitamin C, plus citrus bioflavonoids that help the body utilize the vitamin C.  In fact, Good-Gums has so much vitamin C, it’s the same as eating a whole orange with every use!

Good-Gums all-natural formula for periodontal disease


Our amazing formula (with its 5 different herbs, 2 minerals, and massive amount of vitamin C) contains everything your gums need to heal and restore themselves. 

During the first one or two bottles, you are likely to notice a definite improvement to your gums.  Typically people notice that their gums are firmer and tighter, and if you are prone to bleeding gums, you will probably notice that they stop bleeding. Previous sore spots may no longer feel sore: All encouraging signs that you’re on the right path!

But that’s just the start…

Our goal for you is to have fully restored, healthy gum tissue firmly reattached to your teeth, tight gum pockets and no disease, inflammation or irritation, soreness, infection or bleeding – ever again!

And as thousands of our customers can testify– with Good-Gums it’s absolutely possible!

If you notice your gums struggling, we encourage you to try our formula and see the magic work for yourself.

Invest today and have healthy teeth and gums for life with Good-Gums!

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