The Tooth Powder Saving Thousands of Dollars on Surgery

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We’re certainly not one for bragging, but we have been receiving such great feedback about our all-natural tooth powder that we couldn’t help but tell you about it.

Here at Good-Gums, we are so passionate about our product, not just because it’s nature’s helping hand to your teeth and gums, but because it has helped so many people save thousands of dollars on dental surgery. 

Do you know how many people email us saying that they have been told by their dentist that they need to spend tens of thousands on dental work? A lot.

We know what you may be thinking: “Can this little bottle of tooth powder help your teeth and gums in such a way that you don’t have to undergo expensive surgery?”

Well, we can only encourage you to try it and see.

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Many years ago, Isabelle Dunkeson, the creator of Good-Gums powder, was experiencing terrible toothaches and had so many deep gum pockets that her dentist said only expensive dental surgery would be able to correct it.

Not wanting to accept the advice her dentist was giving her, she took matters into her own hands and went into her kitchen to mix together a herbal formula that would soon heal all her gum issues. After using this formula, Isabelle’s toothaches stopped hurting and her gum pockets completely disappeared. 

So amazed with the results, Isabelle wanted to share this formula with as many people as she could. And thank goodness she did. Because we have customers coming to us time and time again telling us just how pleased they are with the results. 

“I look at problems as opportunities

Isabelle Dunkeson
woman trying tooth powder

One customer, Christie Zietz, messaged us just over 2 weeks ago to tell us that her dentist said that she needed $15,000 worth of dental surgery. She had heard about the healing effects of Good-Gums and wanted to know if it could help.

We, of course, encouraged her to try our herbal formula. If it saved her $15,000, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Christie gave Good-Gums a go. 

Two weeks later we received this message:

“Good news!! I had my first checkup since starting your product and saw a definite improvement in just two weeks of use! Bleeding down to almost nothing from moderate the time before. No discomfort during cleaning and faster cleaning time. My 5 spots went down to 4. Thank you Good Gums!! I’m sure things will keep improving from here.”

The results speak for themselves. 

As Isabelle always says, 

“You have to give teeth a chance. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the results”

But please note, when trying Good-Gums, it is very important to completely give up using toothpaste. Not only does toothpaste contain many ingredients that are detrimental to your health, but almost every toothpaste contains glycerin – a substance that leaves an invisible coating over your teeth and gums and doesn’t let nature work. 

This bottle becomes your toothpaste. 

So, if you’ve been told by your dentist that you need to undergo expensive surgery to correct your gum problems, we can’t stress enough the importance of searching for an alternative route. 

It is our desire that by using a product that works with nature and with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, people will benefit from their body’s own intelligence that, given the chance, can heal itself from almost any ailment.

Click here to try Good-Gums.

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