The Toxic Truth About Your Mouthwash

Are you poisoning yourself to get that desired minty-fresh breath?

Conventional mouthwashes on the market today contain strong alcohol and toxic chemicals that enter your bloodstream through your mouth and get transported to the rest of your body. This can cause a whole host of health problems, including oral cancer.  And not only that, but these toxic mouthwashes harm the most important immunity tool your oral health has – your oral microbiome.

In our article, ‘Toxic ingredients in your toothpaste’, we took a look at some of the most harmful ingredients that people brush their teeth with today. But here are a few other dangerous ingredients most commonly found in your standard mouthwash:

Chlorhexidine gluconate

Chlorhexidine gluconate may be an effective antiseptic and disinfectant but it kills all bacteria in your mouth—both good and bad. Research also suggests that it increases blood pressure and may cause heart problems.

Chlorhexidine is not well absorbed when swallowed, and some stomach irritation or nausea is typically all that will occur. Sometimes, people will vomit spontaneously, but do not ever induce vomiting. When an irritating substance like chlorhexidine is vomited, it can cause additional irritation to the esophagus.”
Pela Soto, certified poison specialist.

Methyl salicylate

Methyl salicylate is a chemical added for flavor but can cause dilation of the capillaries, which leads to reddening of the skin and irritation. It is also linked to fatal poisonings in children and is yet another ingredient (like fluoride) that comes with an FDA labeled warning to contact a poison center if too much is ingested.

Ethanol (ethyl alcohol)

Aside from burning sensations, the alcohol in mouthwash completely destroys almost all the bacteria in your mouth. Again, both good and bad. According to Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S., the alcohol in some mouthwashes may increase your risk of oral cancer.

“Yes, you put alcohol in your mouth when you drink wine and beer, but here’s the thing,” he says “we don’t swish wine and beer in our mouth tissues for 30-60 seconds at a time. And, most mouthwashes contain significantly more alcohol than any of your fave alcoholic beverages.”

He urges us not to use mouthwash as it is simply not necessary for good oral hygiene.
“If you must use something, use a natural mouthwash–available in most health stores–that doesn’t have alcohol.”

Conventional mouthwash may also contain harmful ingredients such as SLS, fluoride, saccharin, parabens, and triclosan, which we go into detail about in our article ‘Toxic ingredients in your toothpaste’. 


Here at Good-Gums, we believe in going back to basics and using traditional, natural methods of healing so that your body can heal itself naturally. 

This is why we have created a 100% natural herbal formula that puts all the good nutrients back into your gums, giving you a vitamin C hit with every use. Good-Gums 2-in-1 tooth powder & mouthwash has antimicrobial properties, neutralizing the oral acids in the mouth and preventing plaque bacteria build-up, which results in fresh breath and clean teeth.

We have approximately 700 strains of bacteria in the mouth – some beneficial, some harmful. Rather than kill good bacteria, which is what most conventional kinds of mouthwashes do, Good-Gums supports your body’s natural efforts to create a balanced microbiome so good bacteria can thrive.

And unlike conventional mouthwashes, Good-Gums can be swallowed, so no need to rinse and spit. In fact, you get additional benefit by not rinsing it off, so the vitamins and minerals can be absorbed into your body giving you a fantastic boost of nutrition.

Remember, what’s good for your gums is good for you!

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