The Vegan Tooth Powder That Works With Nature

The rise of veganism

Vegan or not, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact their lifestyle and consumer choices have on the planet. Whether the motivation for going vegan is about animal welfare, environmental concerns or one’s own personal health, people all around the world are willing to make certain changes in order to support their new beliefs about living a healthier and more conscious life.

The Vegan Society has branded veganism as ‘the fastest growing lifestyle movement’, where more and more people are actively researching environmental issues and health issues that are inspiring this lifestyle change.

It’s quite amazing to see how shops on Main Street to the big chains are adapting with incredible speed to the fast-growing interest in veganism, with specially designed menus and a variety of milk alternatives to choose from at coffee chains such as Starbucks. Food is now becoming more clearly labeled, restaurants have more vegan options and social media has skyrocketed with spreading the vegan message, especially through the likes of Instagram where millions of users are posting pictures of their inspired, colorful and delicious vegan recipes.

We use 100% natural ingredients – myrrh, peppermint, baking soda, French grey sea salt, cinnamon, cranberry, vitamin-C and bioflavonoid complex – and nothing else!

Does vegan also mean cruelty-free?

You’d think so, right? Actually, in spite of the growing popularity of vegan products, it’s still not so easy to find cosmetic or personal care brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. If a product has been certified ‘vegan’, it means that the product does not contain any trace of animal or animal-derived ingredients, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is cruelty-free. Therefore products that have been tested on animals can, in fact, claim to be vegan.

Why our vegan tooth powder rocks!

Not only is Good-Gums made from 100% natural, vegan ingredients – it’s absolutely cruelty-free! Every single bottle is certified toxin-free, GMO and aluminum free, which means it works in harmony with your body’s natural healing abilities and let’s nature do the work!

We use myrrh, peppermint, baking soda, French grey sea salt, cinnamon, cranberry, vitamin-C and citrus bioflavonoids – and nothing else! No fluoride, no glycerin – absolutely nothing gets added to our tooth powder that can’t be found in the purest places on the planet.  Take a more detailed look at our ingredients list to see what their magical qualities do for the state of your gum health – you’ll be amazed!

All ingredients are screened for impurities so every grain of Good-Gums powder is of the absolute highest quality. To find out more about how Good-Gums is screened and manufactured, read the article titled: ‘There’s no doubting our purity.’

And you know what else is nature-friendly? Our packaging – which is recyclable and bio-degradable! This means no nasty chemicals can leach into the product, making every particle of this product absolutely pure! 

Here’s our little secret

The creator of Good-Gums – Isabelle Dunkeson, is an extraordinary woman who after many years of running her own healing school (The Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts) and working closely with renowned herbalist and wild foods expert Euell Gibbons, put together this magic formula.

Isabelle, a practicing vegetarian herself, woke up one day from a dream that gave her the idea of which special ingredients to put together to form a tooth powder. Little did she know that this little bottle of nature’s goodness would soon help thousands of people around the globe dramatically improve the health of their teeth and gums. 

Herbalist and wild foods expert Euell Gibbons taught Isabelle how to forage for wild foods and recognize herbs and plants with healing properties – 1966

We add magic to every bottle.

Before sending Good-Gums out to our customers, it’s our practice to make a little expression of our hope that each bottle of goodness will benefit the person receiving it, with our strong desire that it will help them heal their oral health issues, and that our efforts here at Good-Gums will help too.

“I personally believe in harmlessness as much as possible, but everyone has the freedom of choice, as it should be. I have no judgments. No one should feel guilty about whatever lifestyle they choose.”

-Isabelle Dunkeson

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