Why Is Celery So Good For Your Teeth & Gums?

This nutritious, dippable veggie is a dentist’s dream. Because of its crunchiness, celery forces you to chew more in order to eat it, which, in turn, produces more saliva. And we all know what more saliva production means, don’t we?

Saliva acts as your own personal mouthwash. Our teeth and gums rely solely on the nutrients in our saliva to remineralize dentin and tooth enamel and neutralize mouth acids, so it’s important to have a continuous flow of saliva to keep flushing away those nasty toxins and excess sugars. 

Let’s take a look at some more of celery’s tooth-cleaning qualities…

Loaded with teeth and gum-strengthening Vitamins

Celery contains some essential vitamins for your teeth and gums:

Vitamin A: Maintains a healthy mucous membrane, which is what coats your gums making them resilient to a variety of diseases. Vitamin A also aids saliva production and helps cells regenerate more effectively.

Vitamin C: Arguably the most essential vitamin for keeping the gums healthy. This is why those deficient in vitamin C are usually at risk of developing gum disease. Vitamin C helps the lining of the gums stay healthy and is absolutely crucial for cell growth and repair of tissue. Read more about vitamin C here.

Vitamin K: Assists transport of calcium throughout your body which helps strengthen your teeth and bones. Vitamin K also prevents blood clots and aids wound healing, making celery one of the best veggies for helping to prevent, and actually stop bleeding gums.

Helps Fight Gum Disease

Celery, especially when juiced, can also be extremely helpful in fighting against gum disease and preventing the buildup of unhealthy fats that usually accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract. As we mention in our article, “How Your Oral Health and Gut Health Are Related,” when your gut’s health isn’t doing particularly great, this leads to a whole host of diseases, such as… gum disease!

Celery is also very high in fiber, which not only does wonders for your digestive tract by keeping your bowel movements soft and regular but also helps lower the risk of tooth loss and gum recession.

Fights bad breath

You just need to bite into a celery stick to know how fresh and clean your teeth feel afterwards. And not only that, but it also acts as dental floss to clean in between the gaps of your teeth. 

As we said before, chewing on a celery stick produces saliva production so your mouth is constantly rinsed of its bacteria-ridden impurities. The result: clean and fresh-smelling breath!

soothes Inflammation

One of celery’s most significant health benefits is that it has anti-inflammatory properties which is why it can be used as a great natural remedy for soothing sore and swollen gums associated with gum disease.

Celery also contains a subgroup of sodium called cluster salts that have amazing healing properties and attack the pathogens and viruses that cause gum disease.

We can see why dentists call it nature’s toothbrush! Go and grab yourself a stick or two of celery and give your teeth and gums a good pampering session.

Remember, what’s good for your gums, is good for you!

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