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What is Good-Gums?

Good-Gums is a formula of vitamin, herbal and mineral support for your body’s untapped potential to restore the health of your gums.  Good-Gums is comprised of natural ingredients whose beneficial effects have been established and confirmed by a number of clinical trials, studies and peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Good-Gums provides three kinds of support:

·      Support of the growth of healthy new gum cells (by ingredients unique to Good-Gums)

·      Support of antimicrobial defenses against oral pathogens

·      Support of soothing your tissues while they recover

What conditions does it help with?

Good-Gums is great at tackling a whole range of oral conditions with the power of nature:
Receding gums
Gum pockets
Plaque and tartar
Bleeding gums
Toxins and chemicals
Sore and swollen gums

Wasn’t toothpaste supposed to keep me from getting problems with my teeth and gums in the first place?

Most likely, you’ve been given the impression that toothpaste should address gum issues. And like most people, we’ll bet you’ve been using toothpaste for years, right? Yet, it hasn’t prevented you from succumbing to gum problems.  The truth is, toothpaste does little to improve the health of your gums.

Toothpaste is sold as a cosmetic.  It doesn’t have what’s needed to support the growth of healthy new gum cells (even though the growth of new healthy gum cells is what’s required in order to reverse problems with gum tissue).  Toothpaste is actually allowed to contain ingredients that can exacerbate and irritate sensitive gums, such as chemicals used as industrial cleaners, and harsh abrasives which are intended to grind away some plaque but which also scratch gums and grind tooth enamel and dentin.  Most toothpastes also contain artificial chemical additives, many of which also irritate gums and some of which are known to be toxic.  That can’t be good for mouth tissue like your gums – which so readily absorb.

The vast majority of toothpastes also contain glycerin, which leaves a filmy coating on teeth and gums, preventing the mineral ions in your saliva from remineralizing enamel the way nature intended for the health of your mouth.

But Good-Gums works in a completely different way. This trusted formula supports the growth of new healthy gum cells (vital when gums have been compromised), deploys natural antimicrobials on infectious oral pathogens (to help prevent re-infection), and soothes your gums with natural tissue-soothers (while your gums recover).

How do I use Good-Gums?

Good-Gums is applied with commonplace, every-day oral hygiene implements (e.g., toothbrush, floss, interproximal-brush, oral-irrigator), but it’s applied a bit differently because the main objective of its application is different: its objective is to massage the formula into the gum tissue (rather than to scrub the surfaces within the oral cavity).  Even though Good-Gums is actually quite effective at cleaning the teeth and gums of plaque (so much so that some users discontinue the use of toothpaste altogether), where Good-Gums really shines is at supporting an impressive turnaround in the health of compromised gums.

Here’s a guide to all the ways you can use Good-Gums as part of your oral care routine.

How much should I use?

A little bit of Good-Gums goes a long way.  Each application with a toothbrush requires only about 1/8 teaspoon.  A quick way to estimate this amount is to tap into the palm of a clean hand a small mound of powder just big enough to barely cover a dime.  Much less is used with an additional application by an interdental (interproximal) brush, or with floss, or for manual massage on sore and swollen spots.

The techniques for applying Good-Gums provides for optimal absorption in the crucial gum margins, without requiring using a large amount of the powder.  Between uses, snap the flip cap tightly shut, to keep the remaining Good-gums powder safe from ambient humidity and moisture.  You’ll probably find that a bottle of Good-Gums does last quite a while.

How long does a bottle last?

Most users find that they go about a month-and-a-half between bottles when applying Good-Gums morning and night.  The length of time varies a little depending on how many oral care practices are in a person’s daily routine.  Once a routine and average usage becomes established, it can be more economical to start a subscription of deliveries at a discounted price.

Is continual use necessary?

After using Good-Gums some time, you may find that the condition of your gums has noticeably improved, perhaps even to the point where you might feel tempted to abandon the oral hygiene techniques that incorporate Good-Gums.  But the same conditions that originally led to your gum issues are still the norm in your environment.  Most of the food that’s available is still processed and is still readily converted in our bodies into simple sugars, and is not at all like the diet that was eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors (who had excellent oral health, judging from their fossilized skulls with beautifully intact teeth found by paleontologists).

For the maximum, long-term benefits and for life-long oral health, we recommend that you keep doing what you will have seen has worked, and not discontinue using the Good-Gums strategy for supporting gum health. Gum cells are one of the fastest reproducing cells in the body and each new generation of cells need all the help they can get!

Why is it a powder instead of a paste?

Good-Gums contains ingredients that are both acidic (vitamin C for the crucial support for growing healthy new gum cells) and also alkaline (baking soda for buffering the acidity of the vitamin C to protect your enamel).  These two kinds of ingredients must be prevented from reacting with each other in the bottle, or else the reaction would otherwise render the vitamin C inadequate by the time you would have received your bottle.  That’s why Good-Gums is delivered as a dry powder, free of any liquid (such as water) that otherwise would act as an electrolyte / catalyst for the alkaline and acidic ingredients to react.  Dry powder = no electrolyte = inhibition of reaction between baking soda and vitamin C = no degradation of the vitamin C.  The particles of all the ingredients are sized to dissolve instantly in saliva, forming a liquid solution rich in vitamin C (with its acidity buffered) that can be absorbed directly by the gums, before the vitamin C has time to be degraded.

 In addition, other pure ingredients in Good-Gums are extracted from parts of plants (such as leaves, bark, fruit pulp, skins and sap) so Good-Gums is produced as a dry powder to help the ingredients retain their full potency longer and stay fresh until it is used – without any need for added preservatives. As soon as the powder effortlessly dissolves in your mouth, the ingredients activate to be absorbed by your gums.

Does it help with receding gums or bleeding gums?

Good-Gums gives exactly the precise support that your gums need to grow new additional healthy gum cells, and growing healthy new cells is the lynchpin when it comes to stopping and reversing receding gums.  Read the science behind Good-Gums’ support for the growth of new healthy gum cells.

Customers who had been troubled by receding gums have reported how pleased they are with their progress after continual use of Good-Gums.

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Does it help with deep gum pockets?

Deep gum pockets involve the loss of gum cells that used to attach the gum tissue to the roots of the teeth.  Gum pockets get shallower (they improve) when new additional gum cells grow to re-attach the gum tissue to the tooth roots.  Good-Gums is unique among oral health remedies (whether balms, essential oils, or toothpastes) in giving exactly the precise support that your gums need to grow new additional healthy gum cells. 

Some customers have shared the results of their improved gum pocket measurements over time since they started using Good-Gums, and you’re likely to find yourself enjoying similar results.

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Does it stop gums from bleeding and from being sore?

When gums bleed or when they’re swollen and sore, you may have caught your gum issues just in time before they lead to the next more serious stage, which involves the infection killing gum cells and the resulting loss of gum tissue.

Gums that are bleeding or sore or swollen are suffering infection, but they are still there (although fighting for their survival).  Good-Gums addresses this situation three ways: by addressing the pathogens attacking the gums, by soothing the gum tissue, and by supporting the growth of healthier new gum cells when these current cells reach the end of their natural life-span (usually within just a week or two—gum cells have a tremendously fast replacement rate).

Typically bleeding and soreness clear up quite quickly, much more quickly than would be required after gum cells would have been destroyed by infection.

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Does it help with periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is when an infection has progressed to the point that it starts killing the cells around the tooth (e.g., gum cells, periodontal ligaments, and jaw bone cells).  Ingredients unique to Good-Gums give invaluable help in supporting the growth of new healthy cells. Other oral remedies just don’t provide this kind of support.  Additional ingredients in Good-Gums are naturally anti-microbial, to help in the fight against the oral pathogens.  And still other ingredients are famously soothing for beleaguered tissue.  Good-Gums is a natural ally in your body’s fight to stop and recover from periodontal issues.

If I use it, can I stop going to the dentist / periodontist?

We recommend that you continue to see your dentist (and periodontist, if necessary) on a regular basis. Feedback  and measurements from your dentist / hygienist / periodontist can also be a source of good indicators of your progress in oral health progress.

Will it remove tartar (dental calculus)?

Brushing and flossing with Good-Gums can remove plaque from which calculus forms. A few people have reported that some of their calculus has come loose after using Good-Gums, but once formed, calculus is often too hard (and too firmly attached) to be completely removed with a toothbrush, floss or interproximal brush (even with Good-Gums).  Calculus buildup can be removed with ultrasonic tools or dental hand instruments. In other words, once tartar is formed, you will probably need to go to the dentist or dental hygienist to have it removed. Once removed though, Good-Gums will help prevent it building up again.

Find out more about how Good-Gums acts on plaque and tartar.

Will it whiten my teeth?

Good-Gums is obsessively focused on supporting improvement in gum health.  Although it is effective at helping to remove plaque, it has neither flavorings, colorings, artificial scents nor bleaching agents.  Even so, some users have reported that Good-Gums has allowed them to remove some stubborn stains.  It does contain baking soda, which is known for its ability to remove some stains, but it’s not formulated to address all types of stains.

Users who have previously used whitening toothpaste or whitening strips may wish to continue using them. But care should be taken about when and how a whitening toothpaste is applied, so that its use doesn’t interfere with the effectiveness of Good-Gums.  It’s especially important not to use toothpaste during the four hours prior to using Good-Gums, because the glycerin in toothpaste coats the gums and blocks the gums’ ability to absorb the Good-Gums solution..  (Using a whitening toothpaste after having used Good-Gums is OK.)

See our article on whitening teeth.

I’ve been using a whitener, like those whitening strips, on my teeth. Is that OK to use even though I’m using Good-Gums?

Using Good-Gums does not preclude using whitening strips. Obviously they can’t be used simultaneously. Not so obvious is that the bleaching solution in the strips tends to irritate the gums, so care should be taken to try to isolate contact only to the teeth enamel, and extra care should be given to the gum tissues that may accidentally get irritated by the strips.

How long does it take to work?

It depends on the individual and the condition of their gum health. Generally speaking, positive results of using Good-Gums are seen more quickly in those people whose gums have not yet been killed off by infection, even though their gums may show acute symptoms of being infected, such as bleeding or swollen gums. It takes considerably for people whose gum issues have developed over a long period of time and whose symptoms manifest as the accumulated deaths of many cells and as the resulting loss of tissue, such as receding gums or gum pockets.  When there are living cells present that can be nursed back to health, it’s quicker than when there is nothing present and new additional tissue must be grown back cell by cell.  But in either case, results are generally directly observable.

Do you ship outside the US?

We ship throughout the world from our office in South Florida.

Do I need to use toothpaste in addition to using Good-Gums?

Good Gums contains everything you need for proper oral care including ingredients that help clean and remove plaque from your teeth as well as help bolster your immune system to support good gum health. Therefore, you do not need to toothpaste in addition to using Good Gums.

Some people are used to using a whitening toothpaste, and these can still be used, but only if used after having used Good-Gums.  Almost all toothpastes contain glycerin that effectively coats your teeth (interfering with remineralizing), and that also leaves a film on your gums that prevents them from absorbing the dissolved Good-Gums solution. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use toothpaste of any kind during the 4 hours prior to using Good-Gums.

Why isn’t the powder white, like the color of teeth?

The color of Good-Gums is from the natural coloration of the herbs and minerals. There’s no bleach added to remove those colors which might also remove the beneficial properties of the ingredients. It’s just an unadulterated herbal, vitamin and mineral formula, as described in the ingredients.

Why can’t I just swallow all of it right away, instead of keeping it in the mouth where it will stay in contact with the teeth and gums?

The gum-supporting properties of Good-Gums can exert their effectiveness when Good-Gums is in contact with the gums. The nutritional-supplementation properties are more concentrated when absorbed directly by the gums rather than by the stomach and intestines, even though all are mucous membranes with absorptive capabilities. Allowing the gums to directly absorb the Good-Gums solution delivers a more concentrated dose where it is most needed, rather than relying on absorption in the gut and dispersal of diluted amounts via the bloodstream throughout the entire body.

Do I still have to floss, even if I brush with Good-Gums?

Dislodging plaque and massaging Good-Gums into the gum margins at the sides of the teeth (interproximal surfaces where a tooth brush doesn’t reach) is at least as important as addressing at the front and back of the teeth. Therefore, we should use floss as well as an interdental-brush to carry the Good-Gums under the collar of the gums on the sides of each tooth.

Can’t I use Good-Gums just for brushing, and do my flossing or interdental cleaning without it?

Yes you can, and many people do. But if you start off using Good-Gums® for brushing and you like the results, you might try incorporating Good-Gums into your flossing or interdental cleaning habit to see if you like it the results even more, especially if you have gum issues that are very much a cause for concern.

How about oral care practices other than brushing and flossing? Do I really need to do them also?

For gums that are severely compromised, using all the available practices gives you the best chance at quick positive results. How much you’ll want to do will depend largely on the condition of your teeth and gums. If you find yourself in good condition, you may just need to brush and floss correctly in order to maintain that condition. But for many of us, we’ve started becoming more aware of our teeth and gums after many years of haphazard attention. We need to use as many of the practices as necessary for optimal well-being.

Is it safe for small children?

All of the ingredients in Good-Gums are safe to swallow and we know of children who are five years old successfully using Good-Gums. We recommend that you check with your pediatrician about the Good-Gums ingredients before giving it to small children.

Can I use it if I have an allergy to one of its ingredients?

In the unlikely instance that you have a food allergy to one of the ingredients, you should discontinue for a short while.  Then you can try and desensitize yourself by using Good-Gums only once a week for a few weeks. Then if there is no reaction, you can use it twice a week. You can keep this up until you are able to use it daily. This strategy has been successfully used by a customer who liked the results from Good-Gums, but was allergic to peppermint. She has since been using it twice a day without incident.

Will it interfere with my medication?

We haven’t had any reports of interference with either prescription medications or over-the-counter medications. Some homeopathic remedies recommend not being mixed with peppermint, so out of an over-abundance of caution we recommend that those remedies should not be taken within a half-hour of using GG, even though the amount of peppermint in one application of GG is quite small.

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