Whether you’re concerned about severe periodontitis or you simply want to brighten those pearly whites while avoiding artificial chemicals and additives present in most toothpastes, 2-in-1 Good-Gums tooth & gum powder and mouthwash can help with a whole array of oral conditions.

And quality and purity is assured – just another reason why Good-Gums is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.

A safe and effective all-natural solution that can lead to dramatic improvements in your teeth and gum health.

The Journal of Natural Health Solutions*

Safe, effective and of high quality

Health Canada

Officially certified by The Government of Canada, Natural Product Number NPN80035767. Good-Gums has been assessed as being a safe, effective, high quality product which helps with the development and maintenance of gums and connective tissue formation and has been granted this NPN license by the Canadian equivalent of the FDA.

Our manufacturing facility is certified by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). Good-Gums is manufactured in full compliance with current FDA cGMP regulations and conforms to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP).

In customer surveys, 92.5% of people who tried Good-Gums rated it as a good, very good or excellent oral care product.

Because Good-gums works in harmony with your body’s natural ability to heal itself, not only will it help to improve your current condition, but with continual use, it can be used as an outstanding preventative. Your gums will be so happy when healthy becomes their new normal.  And the best thing about it? Good-Gums doubles up as a mouth wash!  Just dissolve a pinch of powder onto your tongue and enjoy the tasty sensation as you swirl it around your mouth. We recommend you do not rinse it off right away so our nutrient-rich ingredients can work on your gums all day long!

Two years ago I went to my dentist. He said I had gingivitis, periodontis actually. I was one bite away from catastrophic failure. A friend of mine told me about Good-Gums. My teeth are now white, strong and I’ve had no problem. Seems to work very good.*

John B

The length of time it takes to see improvements depends on the condition of your oral health, diet and other factors, but generally speaking, the more acute oral health issues, such as bleeding or swollen gums, respond more quickly, and the more chronic issues that have developed over a long period of time take longer. But in either case, results are generally directly observable.

Good-Gums is great at tackling…

Receding Gums

Gum Pockets


Plaque & Tartar

Bleeding Gums

Toxins & Chemicals

Sore & Swollen Gums

Like thousands of other customers, we think you’ll be delighted!

And remember, we have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like Good-Gums or aren’t seeing your desired results, just send us the bottle back and we’ll give you a full refund! We like no fuss, and we know you do too!

Not sure what oral heath condition you have? Take our 60 second survey to see how Good-Gums can help with your condition.

With ratings of 4.5 out of 5 in independent customer reviews, even the professionals are raving about it!

Each bottle is certified toxin-free, GMO-free and aluminum-free, which means it works in harmony with your body’s natural healing abilities and let’s nature do the work.

Nothing gets added to our tooth powder, which cannot be found in the purest places on the planet.  Check out the natural ingredients we use, which have all been carefully selected; each with their own powerful properties to help sky rocket you back to full oral health.

And guess what? Even our packaging is nature friendly! The Good-Gums bottle is recyclable and bio-degradable and contains no nasty chemicals that leach into the product. You can rest assured that every particle of this product is absolutely pure!

Not only is Good- Gums made from 100% natural, vegan ingredients – it’s absolutely cruelty-free

I’ve been using Good-Gums since 2013 and have naturally reversed receding gums and gingivitis. It’s hard for me to estimate just how much money and pain this wonderful Good-Gums product has saved me!!*

Sheila Murrey – Holistic health and wellness researcher and Amazon #1 bestselling author