Isabelle Dunkeson is nothing short of an inspiration. Over the course of her life she has developed an extensive knowledge of herbalism and the healing arts. Her time as a health food shop owner in New York in the 1960s, her role as Chief Executive Officer and manager of The Sarasota School of Healing Arts and her experience working with numerous luminaries in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition have all contributed to Isabelle’s outstanding performance in the natural healing field.

The Sarasota School of Healing Arts was founded in 1974 and in 1994 the School added a 2,700 hour program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to its existing 525 hour Massage Therapy Program.

Among Isabelle’s many special accomplishments was the responsibility for the continuous growth of the school; the designing of a special bodywork technique, “Conversations With the Body”; the development of Educational Seminars and the creation of Community Outreach Programs.  She continued to own the school until 1999.

“The idea came to me like as light as an angel’s eyelash”

After suffering a health crisis in her 60s where she was told she was going to have to spend thousands of dollars on gum surgery, Isabelle decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her knowledge meant that she instinctively knew how to put together a formula that would solve her gum problems. So she set to work in her kitchen, mixing together all the ingredients she felt would work, and, as if by magic – an all-natural, herbal solution to gum problems was born! It didn’t take long for the word to get out and now Isabelle has become the woman responsible for saving thousands of people’s teeth and gums around the globe.

‘Nothing is in my way, it’s showing me the way’.

On a mission to re-empower people to their own body’s innate power to heal itself, Isabelle urges us to ‘ “give teeth a chance,” ’, meaning that if we just trust enough to let nature do its thing, we will see significant improvements. This means “we have to think differently,” try something new, and by choosing to use a product packed full of ingredients that help our cells repair and regenerate, we are making a choice to trust in our body’s natural ability to heal itself and let nature do the work

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