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So, you’ve heard about Good-Gums. You may be wondering if Good-Gums is right for you, or if it could be effective for any tooth or gum issue you may have.

Well, what’s good for your mouth is good for you, so go ahead and take our 60 Second Survey to find out.

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  • All OKA few minor issuesOh yeah, and then some!
    Like most people, we bet you clean your teeth regularly with toothpaste, but you still have gum issues. Something’s not working! That’s because toothpaste does little to take care of your gums. But Good-Gums is different. It’s specially formulated to clean your teeth and take proper care of your gums at the same time.

    So give your mouth the Good Stuff.

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  • NeverHmm, sometimesIt’s like a horror movie!
    It’s not only unpleasant but could also be an indication that your gums are weakened. Gum tissue is under attack every day from bacteria, plaque, tartar and harsh brushing. Gentle but effective, bacteria-busting Good-Gums works in a completely different way to toothpaste and actually delivers nutrition directly to your gums with every use!

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  • I don’t careI’m a little concernedI want to avoid them
    Toothpaste is sold as a cosmetic, so often contains all kinds of nasty stuff that you can absorb via your gums. However, potent but gentle, all-natural Good-Gums is completely free from anything artificial, is kind to your tooth enamel, and unlike toothpaste nutrifies and fortifies your gums with every use!

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  • No, they’re OKA little concernedYep, it’s a problem
    Receding gums affect a lot of people. But there’s a lot you can do to address the problem! Good-Gums can help because it’s specially formulated to tackle the causes of receding gums. So give your mouth the good stuff - bacteria busting, gum tissue nutrifying, vitamin C rich Good-Gums promotes natural healing!

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  • Never any build upI’m a little concernedYep, it’s bothering me
    This is a problem for many people. Plaque and tartar can lead to other problems too! But don’t worry, Good-Gums is specifically formulated to disrupt plaque and tartar leaving your whole mouth fresh and clean without the harsh abrasion of toothpaste which can damage tooth enamel.

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  • Agree - natural is bestOn the fenceDon’t agree
    We like trusting in the incredible power of nature too - and so do the people who have tried Good-Gums. That’s why it’s rated 4.5/5 in independent customer reviews. And did you know, in a recent customer survey 92.5% of people who took part rated Good-Gums as a good, very good or excellent oral care product.

    So give your mouth the Good Stuff.

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  • I’m not at riskNot sureDefinitely
    Good-Gums has helped thousands of people who have deep gum pockets and periodontitis. Find out how effective Good-Gums can be in helping with these conditions, how it works and what you can do to turn things around.

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  • NopeSometimesOften
    Swollen, irritated or sore gums are a common problem. Treat the cause with soothing but powerful Good-Gums. It’s rich in vitamin C and packed with natural ingredients that can calm your gum tissue and promote natural healing. Use it to brush and floss, or as an oral rinse/mouthwash.

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  • Am not veganNot a vegan, but I’d like to avoid animal ingredientsYes, definitely
    You’ve found it! Good-Gums is 100% pure, natural and completely free from animal or artificial ingredients. And strange though it may seem, many ‘vegan’ cosmetics and personal care products don’t have to be cruelty-free to be classed as vegan - but Good-Gums is 100% ethical and cruelty-free so you can buy with total confidence.