Our gums are some of the most absorptive tissues in the body, so it is essential that we use a product which is as pure as possible and supports the natural functions of our bodies.

So when you’re choosing which natural oral care or gum care product to use at home in improving the health and condition of your gums, what should you look out for?

Many natural ingredients have benefits associated with them. But how are they an effective intervention for inflamed, irritated or bleeding gums, receding gums, infected gums, deep or loose gum pockets or periodontitis?

The Good-Gums formula is in a class of its own when it comes to natural gum care. That’s because only Good-Gums contains clinically proven natural mineral and plant-based ingredients that work together to provide your gums with nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals that not only aid gum health, and are essential for healing but also benefit the health of your entire body.

And you don’t have to just take our word for how effective it is with a range of gum conditions…

There’s a huge amount of fascinating, peer reviewed science underpinning the Good-Gums formula and the ingredients it contains. You can find out more in a series of articles complete with citations and detailed references.

The highly regarded Journal of Natural Health Solutions had this to say after reviewing Good-Gums thoroughly

…a safe and effective all-natural solution that can lead to dramatic improvements in your teeth and gum health.

Thousands of people have tried Good-Gums because of its reputation as a natural gum care product. And customer satisfaction has earned our product 4.5 / 5 in independent customer ratings.

And they’re not alone – dental and health and wellbeing professionals also agree – if you want to supercharge improvements in the heath and condition of your gums, nothing beats Good-Gums.

Good-Gums is certified as “Safe, effective and of high quality” by Health Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the FDA)

Every bottle is manufacture is FDA cGMP Compliant and Conforms to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP).


Good-Gums contains no fluoride, no glycerin, is certified toxin-free, GMO and aluminium free, is also 100% cruelty free and suitable for vegans. 


Our cells are regenerating at a rapid rate every day; by choosing to use a product packed full of ingredients that help our cells repair and regenerate, we allow our body’s ability to heal itself and quite literally let nature do the work.

So while other products have natural ingredients in them, only Good-Gums has what your gums actually need to heal, improve in health at the cellular level and regenerate.

What more proof do you need? …Become living proof. Start using Good-Gums now!

It’s time to give your GUMS the good stuff THEY deserve!

Good-Gums all-natural powder is quite the opposite to conventional toothpaste, in a way that it puts all the vital vitamins and minerals back into your gums so they can regenerate themselves back to full health! Good-Gums is also cruelty free and suitable for vegans.