We get why most people are addicted to toothpaste. Its been marketed so heavily.

But with over 80% of American adults suffering from gum disease, it’s obvious that what most people are doing isn’t working!

There’s a belief that the minty flavor and foamy sensation are somehow cleaning your teeth more efficiently, and we get it, It feels kind of nice and refreshing. Our aim, however, is to inspire people to think differently, because believe it or not, toothpaste is a major contributor to the problem in the first place. The main culprit (present even in toothpaste you get at a health food store) is glycerin. Glycerin coats your teeth and gums in a film that prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the gums and interrupts natural remineralization of tooth enamel.

As well as containing artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin, most mainstream toothpastes rely on industrial detergents (SLS, SLES), harsh abrasives that erode tooth enamel and other additives to make their marketing claims. It seems that the more claims toothpaste brands make to compete for our dollars, the more chemicals get added – chemicals we end up consuming. Meanwhile, our oral health issues remain!

Here’s a good example of the difference between toothpaste and Good-Gums: If receding gums or gum pockets have left your teeth sensitive, toothpastes are designed to coat the exposed part of the tooth with a desensitizing film to make the deterioration feel tolerable. But Good-Gums gives targeted help and support as your body draws on its internal natural resources to actually heal itself.

Another harmful substance that you will find in almost all mainstream brands of toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride is so toxic that the FDA now requires a warning label to be put on the back of all toothpaste brands alerting people to ‘get medical help or contact a Poison Center’ if too much is ingested. It has such a detrimental impact on the body that millions of people throughout India and China are now suffering from crippling bone diseases caused by the high levels of fluoride in their water.

In terms of acute toxicity (when overdosed and adverse effects are experienced), fluoride is more toxic than lead, but slightly less toxic than arsenic – one reason why fluoride has long been used in rat poison! You are putting this highly toxic chemical into your body every time you brush your teeth. And remember how good gum tissue is at absorption.

Isabelle Dunkeson, the creator of Good-Gums urges people to  “give teeth a chance” and if we want to see significant improvements in our oral health, we must stop using toothpaste.

You gotta give up the paste if you want to cure your gum problems*

Good-Gums works in a different way. It’s 100% natural too!

Good-Gums contains none of the artificial ingredients of toothpaste that are toxic, or that interfere with natural healing, such as glycerin, which not only gives toothpaste its paste consistency but also coats the teeth and prevents natural saliva remineralization. Good-Gums is completely natural, of absolute highest quality and uses no harsh abrasives. It comes in a powder that dissolves quickly in the mouth to penetrate the areas where trouble tends to start. The ingredients activate the moment the powder dissolves in your mouth.

Powerful Good-Gums goes beyond just teeth cleaning. Unlike toothpaste or simple tooth powders, its vitamin-C and herbal formula is designed to support the health of your gums with ingredients that are gently antimicrobial, counter the stickiness of bacteria, soothe the gums, and neutralize mouth acids.

So let’s see how well toothpastes – even ones marketed as being ‘natural’ – size up to Good-Gums for purity.

Toothpaste or Good-Gums

We all want an attractive smile, have that fresh, clean feeling and to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
See how toothpastes measure up to Good-Gums…

Mass-market toothpastes
'Natural' toothpastes
Vegan and cruelty free
Natural ingredients
Nutrifies gum tissue with healing vitamin C
Active ingredients soften & loosen plaque
pH balanced
Saline balanced
Promotes natural remineralization
3-in-1 tooth cleaner, flossing aid and mouthwash

Good-Gums has it all! And as for the nasty stuff…

Mass-market toothpastes
'Natural' toothpastes
Glycerin, interfering with natural remineralization
Abrasives that can erode enamel
Artificial sweeteners like saccharin & aspartame
Artificial colors / flavorings
Industrial detergents ( SLS / SLES )
Toxic flouride

Only Good-Gums gets a clean bill of health!

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This product is the best thing I have found for my teeth so far!! I have receding gums, bleeding gums, plaque and tartar. I have been using this product for about a week now and what a difference it has made already. I can see my gums are reversing the receding, I’m no longer bleeding, the plaque & the tartar are starting to diminish. I have tried many products and I have never used a product like Good-Gums. This is literally the best. I love, love, love this product. I highly recommend this!!*

Irene T

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