OVER 80% OF AMERICAN ADULTS SUFFER FROM GUM DISEASE – and they’re all toothpaste users.

With its huge marketing budgets, packaging, minty flavor and foamy sensation, there’s no doubt that for most people, toothpaste is the ‘go to’ for oral care.

But toothpaste is officially classed as a cosmetic – which means it can be mass produced from a combination of glycerin, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, industrial abrasives, detergents and cleaning agents (SLS, SLES).

Pause for a minute and consider that your gums are one of the most absorptive types of tissue in your whole body. What you put in your mouth is absorbed by your gums. Yeah, not good.

Toothpaste has fundamentally remained unchanged since it was invented. (Its apparent innovation seems to come from adding even more artificial stuff for us to consume.) it’s dirt cheap to produce, the mark up is huge, it’s affordable and we believe it’s best for our oral care…

…right up until you start noticing your gum problems are no better. And most toothpaste users have!

So what do gums REALLY need? And why is toothpaste not making the grade, in spite of its marketing claims?

a toothbrush with toothpaste on it

We did the science.

See, if you really want to make a product that specifically targets gum issues, then you’ve got to start from first understand gum tissue and the human body, and the fact that your mouth is a delicate bio-environment where either bad bacteria thrives, or good overcomes bad. And you’ve got to understand the properties of compounds that aid healing and support the growth of new, healthy gum cells – in effect, nutrition for gums.

Feels right already doesn’t it!

But toothpaste manufacturers have always approached this problem from how they can market their cheap, mass produced product to people with gum issues. The results speak for themselves with 80% of Americans suffering from compromised gum health while using toothpaste daily.

What your gums ACTUALLY need to get better – and stay healthy

THAT was our starting point…
Years ago, Herbalist Isabelle Dunkeson was inspired by her knowledge of medicinal plants to create a formula which she thought could prove invaluable to gum tissue and human oral health. Derived from plant extracts and minerals, the formula worked even better than she expected when she tested it on herself, transforming her gum health. Later the formula came to the attention of a Dentist and his business partner and Good-Gums was created as a product for sale. Their motive was to help give people the ability to heal their gums and maintain good gum health at home, with an honest product that really works, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on dental interventions.

Since then, Good-Gums has helped thousands of Americans transform their gum health and escape the toothpaste trap. It’s been successful for people with a wide range of common gum health problems like bleeding gums, gum infections, receding gums, deep gum pockets, and sore & swollen gums. It’s even helped periodontitis sufferers, so much so that they no longer needed expensive surgery.

We haven’t heard to toothpaste pulling that off! Have you?

Another harmful substance that you will find in almost all mainstream brands of toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride is so toxic that the FDA now requires a warning label to be put on the back of all toothpaste brands alerting people to ‘get medical help or contact a Poison Center’ if too much is ingested. It has such a detrimental impact on the body that millions of people throughout India and China are now suffering from crippling bone diseases caused by the high levels of fluoride in their water.

In terms of acute toxicity (when overdosed and adverse effects are experienced), fluoride is more toxic than lead, but slightly less toxic than arsenic – one reason why fluoride has long been used in rat poison! You are putting this highly toxic chemical into your body every time you brush your teeth. And remember how efficient gum tissue is at absorption!

Good-Gums works in a different way. It’s 100% natural too!

Every little bottle of all-natural, powerful, pure Good-Gums is brimming with science.

If you like that kinda thing, you can geek out on all the citations, peer reviewed studies, facts and figures etc in a series of articles which go into our ingredients and how they are scientifically proven to work. You can read them in our Knowledge Base here.

It’s all about the science behind our unique formula and the ingredients – each powerful in their own right, yet working together in Good-Gums – they are unbeatable!

Good-Gums is specifically designed to deliver exactly what your gums need to heal, using the purest naturally derived ingredients in their most potent form. It’s like super-charged healing nutrition for gums. Good-Gums also helps create the right healing environment; it’s pH balanced and positively combats the dominance of bad , infection causing bacteria.

Good-Gums contains none of the artificial ingredients of toothpaste that are toxic, or that interfere with natural healing, such as glycerin, which not only gives toothpaste its paste consistency but also coats the teeth providing a home for bacteria to thrive and prevents natural saliva remineralization.

This product is the best thing I have found for my teeth so far!! I have receding gums, bleeding gums, plaque and tartar. I have been using this product for about a week now and what a difference it has made already. I can see my gums are reversing the receding, I’m no longer bleeding, the plaque & the tartar are starting to diminish. I have tried many products and I have never used a product like Good-Gums. This is literally the best. I love, love, love this product. I highly recommend this!!*

Irene T