What professionals say about 2-in-1 Good-Gums Tooth & gum powder and mouthwash

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in independent customer reviews, Good-Gums is helping thousands of people with their gum problems around the globe. Good-Gums is surprising dentists, doctors and health care professionals all over the world too, so let’s hear what some of them have to say.

Did you know – In customer surveys, 92.5% of people who tried Good-Gums rated it as a good, very good or excellent oral care product.

Good-Gums Review – Naturopathic Fundamentals

Good-Gums Review – Professional Supplements Centre

Patients love it and claim their teeth feel cleaner and gums are tighter.*

Dr. Lisa, D.D.S

…a safe and effective all-natural solution that can lead to dramatic improvements in your teeth and gum health.*

The Journal of Natural Health Solutions

I tried this for a week and my teeth feel cleaner and gums are feeling better. Definitely gives this a shot if you want to have healthy gums.*

Dr. Kin Leung B.Sc., ND, CCT, CPCC, FABNO

I’ve been using Good-Gums since 2013 and have naturally reversed receding gums and gingivitis! It’s hard for me to estimate just how much money and pain this wonderful Good-Gums product has saved me!*

Sheila Murrey – Holistic health and wellness researcher and Amazon #1 bestselling author

I love your product. I tell everyone about it. I love the taste. Recently my dentist said “Your teeth and gums are in great shape. What are you doing differently?” I told him it was because of Good-Gums.*

Dr. Paula B

My orthodontist said in his whole practice life, he had never seen such incredible improvement on anyone. Thank you so very, very much for developing this fabulous product. I will be sure to let all my friends and family members know about it and plan to continue to use Good-Gums for the rest of my life.*

Edith K, C.N.A., B.S. Professional Wellness Consultant