Looking for a better gum HEALTH PRODUCT?

Want to take better care of your gums, the way toothpaste, mouthwash or products made from essential oils can’t?

Good Gums is better than any other product on the market. Why?

We’ve done the science!

Good-Gums is designed to dynamically support the health of gum tissues, even when they have already been compromised.  Other products might say that they could prevent perfectly healthy gums from getting infected, but they don’t provide the vital support that already-compromised gums actually need in order to grow healthy new gum cells.  This is the crucial difference with Good-Gums.

Good-Gums provides the nutrifying ingredient that has been clinically proven to be absolutely essential for your body to produce healthy new gums cells.  Your gum cells are made of connective tissue; these connective tissue cells are made of the protein collagen; the tissue in your gums absolutely relies on vitamin C to create the protein collagen.  Only Good-Gums delivers this essential nutrient right where it’s needed, to spur the creation of healthy new gum cells.

You don’t need to be told how you could have avoided your gum issues years ago, back before you had developed any of the symptoms of compromised gum tissue.  Now what you need is help for where your gums are now.  You need to populate your gum tissue with new healthier gum cells; you need the support that Good-Gums provides, and that others don’t.

In addition, the one and only Good-Gums is made from 100% natural ingredients and uses no chemical additives, because we don’t want to put toxic residues into your gums when they’re recovering. Nor do we want to put toxic byproducts into the environment. As well as being 100% natural, all our ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.  Every bottle is certified toxin-free, GMO-free and aluminum-free, which means it works in harmony with your body’s natural healing abilities and lets nature do what she does best.

Not only that, but our whole ingredient sourcing, manufacturing process and our product are officially approved…

Certified as safe, effective and of high quality

by Health Canada

Officially certified by The Government of Canada, Natural Product Number NPN80035767. Good-Gums has been assessed as being a safe, effective, high quality product which helps with the development and maintenance of gums and connective tissue formation and has been granted this NPN license by the Canadian equivalent of the FDA.

Our manufacturing facility is certified by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). Good-Gums is manufactured in full compliance with current FDA cGMP regulations and conforms to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP).

a safe and effective all-natural solution that can lead to dramatic improvements in your teeth and gum health.

The Journal of Natural Health Solutions*

What’s in Good-gums?

We use vitamin-C  (the crucial ingredient), baking soda (for buffering the acidity of vitamin C to protect your enamel), citrus bioflavonoids (for helping the absorption of the vitamin C), French grey sea salt, myrrh, peppermint, cranberry and cinnamon – and nothing else. No glycerin and certainly no fluoride; absolutely nothing gets added to our tooth powder that can’t be found in the purest places on the planet.  Take a more detailed look at our ingredients list to see what beneficial qualities are in each ingredient and what they do for the state of your gum health.


How come Good-Gums is so effective at addressing gum disease, periodontitis, receding gums, infected, irritated and sore gums?

Why is it the Number 1, ‘go to’ oral care product for thousands of people who want to supercharge their body’s ability to restore gum tissue and to support the growth of new, healthy gum cells?

And how does it out perform other products on the market?



It’s all about the science behind our unique formula and the ingredients – each powerful in their own right, yet working together in Good-Gums – they are unbeatable!

Good-Gums is cleansing (baking soda and salt), acid neutralizing (baking soda), mildly antimicrobial (cranberry, cinnamon and peppermint), soothing (peppermint and myrrh), nutrient-rich for cell growth (vitamin C) and highly absorbent (citrus bioflavonoids). These ingredients help massively with the breakdown of plaque and provide critical minerals essential for building strong tooth enamel and keeping your gums healthy.

It’s the synergy of these ingredients that make Good-Gums so effective. The powder has been made to dissolve instantly on contact with saliva so it can be easily absorbed by your gums, helping nutrify gum tissues, so they’ll be stronger, tighter and less prone to infection. The reason it comes as a powder is that being dried allows the ingredients to retain their potency without having to add chemical preservatives so the full potency of our helpful herbs and marvelous minerals activate the moment the Good-Gums powder dissolves in your mouth.

Many people who use Good-Gums discontinue the use of toothpaste altogether, as an unnecessary and unwanted source of artificial chemicals and glycerin. Good-Gums contains none of the artificial ingredients of toothpaste that are toxic, such as SLS and fluoride, or that interfere with natural healing.