What OUR customers say about Good-Gums

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in independent customer reviews, Good-Gums is proving to be the solution of choice for thousands of people’s gum problems around the globe, and it really is music to our ears to hear so much wonderful feedback, not only from our loyal customers but from highly regarded health professionals. So we want to share with you some of the amazing feedback we’ve been receiving.

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In customer surveys, 92.5% of people who tried Good-Gums rated it as a good, very good or excellent oral care product. Here’s why…

This stuff really works. My gums have never felt better.*

Duane A

I was drawn to Good-Gums because I believed it to be natural, effective and healing all at the same time. I have been using it ever since and the results have been spectacular! That dreaded visit to my dentist made me realize the importance healthy gums have on my teeth too! My gums have healed beyond my dentist and the periodontist expectations. I hope people who are looking for a natural and effective way to restore their gums and teeth quickly give Good-Gums a try. If their experience is anything like mine, they will be a customer for life! Thanks for bringing such a wonderful product into the marketplace where it actually under promises and over delivers.*

Andy C

Amazing product!! I’m 67 years of age and have had periodontal disease all my life. I see a HUGE difference in my gums and decreased plaque and have a wonderful clean feeling in my mouth. So grateful for a product that truly works!*

Andrea M

This stuff is amazing! I have been using for 4-5 months. It cured a recurring inflammation problem I had on the gums around my crown. It got worse before it got better because my teeth were so clean they felt exposed and sensitive. After a couple months they were stronger, cleaner, whiter than ever!!!*

Desiree B

It’s great stuff. I got good reports from the dentist. So surprised there was so much improvement.*

Larry C

This product is the best thing I have found for my teeth so far!! I have receding gums, bleeding gums, plaque & tartar. I have been using this product for about a week now & what a difference it has made already. I can see my gums are reversing the receding gums, I’m no longer bleeding, the plaque & the tartar are starting to diminish. I have tried many products & I have never used a product like Good Gums. This is literally the best. I love, love, love this product. I highly recommend this!!*

Irene T

It works great. I don’t have toothaches anymore.*

Waltemar P

I got the very best report – very little plaque. My dentist said, “Boy, that’s remarkable”*

Lester P

That’s the best product I have ever, ever used. Had a root canal that wouldn’t stop hurting and it took the soreness from the root canal.*

Jackie M

Two years ago I went to my dentist. He said I had gingivistus, periodontitis actually. I was one bite away from catastrophic failure. A friend of mine told me about Good-Gums. My teeth are now white, strong and I’ve had no problem. Seems to work very good.*

John B

It’s really kind of saved my mouth.*

Mary W

Your product works outstanding. My wife has implants and nothing else worked for her.*

Don F

A friend told me about your product when I needed most to bring in a natural solution to my dental health. I was given a rather unsettling report and sent to a periodontal dentist. I used the tooth powder for 2 months before seeing him and the pockets were so reduced there was no talk of scraping or tooth loss. I am thrilled with the results and plan to continue to use Good-Gums! I have recommended this product to my brother and a friend since getting my clean bill of health from the periodontist! Thank you so much.*

Astara S

I bought more Good-Gums powder because I love it so much. I tried it in September and wanted to give it 6 weeks and see how my next dentist appointment went. I have a significant history of periodontal disease and have spent years trying to manage it. I was very hesitant to change my routine. I am pleased to report I had an excellent check up. My gums were in great condition, no bleeding, no inflammation. I happily endorse your Good-Gums product. I will continue to use it. And you will be hearing from me when I get low.*

Deb Y

I’m getting amazing results from it. I had a very bad case of gingivitus, used it for 3 weeks and went to my dentist, who said, “My goodness, what have you been doing?”*

Richard C

I love your product, GOOD-GUMS! My teeth feel so clean, and they keep that “just brushed feeling”, all day! My gums are pink again after only using the product for a few weeks! Thanks for inventing something that WORKS. My breath is fresh, my gums are healthy and I love that GOOD GUMS is all natural.*

Wendy F

It’s just wonderful. My son’s teeth don’t bleed anymore. I’m really thrilled with it. I just use this and don’t use toothpaste anymore.*

Stephanie W

I have never had anything that felt like my teeth are this clean unless I just recently went to a dentist for a professional cleaning!*

Roberta G

As I placed my recent order with you folks, I asked you when you’d be in stores or on Amazon…since your product simply does what it says.  You said hopefully in the future…so here I am trying to push that along by writing an account of my experience that you can share with others. 

My dentist told me that my gums were receding and that I’d probably lose teeth in the near future so I needed to have some extensive dental work done right away…that was almost ten years ago!  Same teeth, same gums, no loss!  About the time this was happening I had agreed to have the least invasive treatment of “scaling” done, I began searching for alternative ways to keep my gums healthy and save my teeth.  At the time I was 67 years old.  I am now almost 76 and still using Good-Gums as the only toothpaste in my home.  I have shared this with all family members and anyone that I know who is facing dental issues.  Sometimes a product just can’t get enough “word of mouth” advertising but I certainly do my part!  When my adorable pup began having issues with his gums, it was only Good-Gums who preserved his teeth and eliminated bad breath for him!  Hopefully you can use some of this to spread the word further around that you indeed have a product that does exactly what it says it will!  Thank you sincerely for your hard work.

Barb J